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18mind's method, the 4 Steps to Freedom allows joy, happiness and other positive emotions to arise, by "changing all thoughts that hurt" and neutralizing all negative feelings.


Experienced "4 Steppers" note immediate relief of negative feelings, followed by the sense of Joy, Happiness, Love, and Miracles


Once you are experiencing positive emotions and moods, positive results occur with precision. Eventually, with enough practice, everything, all of the time, is seen and experienced as miraculous.


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Since I have learned and implemented the "flipping" process, my life has changed exponentially! I am happier in every aspect of my life now more than ever, even when I'm in the middle of perceived disaster. I step out of my comfort zone and learn to feel good there and it's a great place to be and am able to move forward with ease and knowingness that all is well always.

L. Adams, Newport Beach